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3 out of 4 consumers choose the cheapest insurance quote

3 out of 4 consumers choose the cheapest insurance quote

When it comes to choosing an insurance policy, be it for travel, your home or car, 75% of us will opt for the cheapest quote, regardless of whether it offers adequate levels of cover for our needs. Money talks, it would seem, and thrifty Britain would rather save a few quid than splash the cash on a more costly insurance policy, even if it does offer better levels of cover should you need to make a claim. However insurance experts warn that this is a dangerous business and could leave consumers open to problems as opting for a cheaper policy could leave them without sufficient cover should they run into trouble. The use of price comparison websites to find the best deals on insurance has risen dramatically over the last few years and this may have something to do with the growing trend for choosing the cheapest insurance deal on the market. The recent survey found that 75% of people blindly opt for the cheapest offer flagged up on price comparison websites, without considering whether or not the policy covers their needs. The same survey also found that 14% of people fail to make a claim on their insurance policy, 22% of which say that a high excess means it’s not worth them making a claim. The advice from insurance experts is to not be seduced by low cost policies, as these will more often than not offer the lowest form of cover, which could lead to problems should you need to make a claim.

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