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6% of drivers willing to take on another’s penalty points

6% of drivers willing to take on another’s penalty points

6% of drivers in the UK admitted that they would be willing to take on the penalty points notched up by a friend or relative, despite the fact that it is an illegal offence to do so. The research into British driver’s attitude towards penalty points was carried out by LV Car Insurance. They discovered that 3,823,544 UK licence holders in the UK currently have penalty points, 82% of which are for speeding. Drivers caught breaking the speed limit can be hit with a fine, and will also have anything from 3 – 12 points added to their licence, anyone with 12 or more points on their driving licence is disqualified from driving. With this in mind, 66% of drivers said they would be willing to take the penalty points for a family member, partner or friend to prevent them being disqualified from driving. 59% of drivers would take the rap for another to protect the livelihood of the driver receiving the points if the addition of points to their licence would mean them losing their job. 21% of drivers said they would take the points for a friend because they believe that person is a safe driver, despite having committed a driving offence. 6% of motorists admitted they were paid to take the points for a friend or relative. However taking penalty points to save another driver is a criminal offence, and one that the police are looking to clamp down. New speed cameras equipped with video recording devices are being trialled which will take a clear photograph of the driver which will then be compared against the photo kept on record at the DVLA which will make it harder for drivers to pass their points onto others.

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