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8 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

8 Ways to Avoid a Car Accident

Most people want to avoid car accidents, desperately wanting to save money on their car insurance. With bumps and collisions resulting in claims such accidents can be both stressful and expensive. However, there are some ways in which you can limit the likelihood of a crash and they are extremely simple!

1: Check blind spots

When learning to drive instructors place a lot of focus on blind spots, drilling it into learner’s heads that they must constantly check those places that their mirrors will not reach. Where this is something that we tend to put less focus on after passing our test it is nonetheless an imperative part of safe driving, limiting the chance of a surprise bump dramatically.

2: Keep a safe distance

On the motorway it is the law the keep a number of chevrons away from the vehicle in front, allowing you to break in time if need be. Where this is only imposed on the motorway there is nothing wrong with employing this attitude on public roads, making sure you leave enough space in between you and the person in front.

3: Plan your driving

Us Brits rely on our vehicle heavily, using them for the school run, to carry out the monthly shop as well as taking longer trips to see family. Where we know where we are going we often do not plan our trips, taking to the road without a route. This can be very dangerous, encouraging you to make more surprise turns and emergency stops as a result.

4: Follow the laws

Although we can think driving laws and procedures are a bore they are put in place for all the right reasons, to keep drivers and pedestrians as safe as possible. By parking in designated spots, driving to speed limits and not undertaking you are 40% less likely to be involved in a crash.

5: Check your dashboard before every journey

By ensuring your car is safe to be on the road you could swerve the chance of being involved in an accident. With blow-outs, gear box issues and running out of petrol or diesel causing obstructions on the road it is more likely you will be involves in a crash than if your car is mechanically sound.

6: Drive in the future

You may be pretty confident in your driving style, being a passionate about practicing the green cross code. However, you must remember that not everyone is like this, with many drivers not as courteous or confident when behind the wheel. By keeping a watchful eye on potential hazards you can prepare yourself in the event of a potential collision.

7: Stay away from the fast lane

While the fast lane is a great to use when on long trips the faster you go the more harm you can cause when in an accident, and if an at-fault claim is to be made it could cost you a lot more than if you were in the slow lane.

8: Don’t drive in bad weather

Rain and snow make it difficult for drivers to have a clear view of the road, as well as making the roads slippery and dangerous. If you feel you need to make a trip in bad weather then it could be a good idea to go on foot if possible. Why not start making a few of these changes today and let us know how you get on?

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