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American Insurance Firms Reap the Benefits of Revolutionary Claim Apps

American Insurance Firms Reap the Benefits of Revolutionary Claim Apps

Usually the combination of driving and mobile telephones are a forbidden zone. However, in regards to the modern insurance market, using your smart phone could prove to be very beneficial. In the event of a claim the main issue from the insurers point of view is gauging the damage, filing the adjusters findings and taking measures to put the claim to bed. Of course, with so many different procedures to carry out time is a pressing issue. The American insurance market seems to be on the right tracks, revolutionising the claim declaring structure. By using digital technology many insurers have incorporated the use of an App into their everyday operational practice. These Apps’s vary from each insurer to the next, with most using their applications to record damage and liaise with customers simultaneously. Allstate, an American insurance firm, is averaging at four hours from the time they receive photos or videos of damage to sending an estimate to their customers. This process is usually days long and is providing such companies with a lot more time to focus on new business. Joe Laurentino, vice president of material damage at Esurance, said using the App cuts two to three days off the insurer's usual timeline of two to five days,  "It's simple, it's easier and it's convenient," he said. Although an amazing improvement on time they are aiming to cut this time down to just one single day. "You don't have to wait around anymore for an adjuster to show up," said Ellen Carney, a principle analyst for Forrester. "It completely changes consumers' perspective on insurance." American insurance firms seem to be talking to the modern market, evolving this traditionally tedious process to be quick, easy and hassle-free. These Apps are not only cutting the outgoings spent on adjusters to inspect damage but are also helping with business records, assisting the management of data and statistics. Loretta Worters, a vice president at the Insurance Information Institute says that these Apps "help to get the claims filed, and their resources are utilised where they're needed most”. "This is really just for fender bender, nuisance claims," said Laurentino. Loretta explains that this type of technology is predominantly used for small accidents and claimed. If the damage is structural an old-fashioned investigation will be necessary. We at High Gear feel that the UK insurance industry is in need of a revamp and could take note from what the American’s are doing. Please leave your comments.

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