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Taxi Driver Licence :: What do I need to become a taxi driver?

Taxi Driver Licence :: What do I need to become a taxi driver?

In the age of Uber and Lyft the taxi driving profession has never looked so lucrative with more and more young people entering the industry of late. Where taxi driving is not one of those career paths focused on by school career advisers it is nonetheless an interesting livelihood, sporting many financial advantages.

The benefits

The pros list of becoming a taxi driver is endless, with the profession bringing various rewards to the individual. Below we have listed just a few:
  • You do not need a great deal of training to become a taxi driver. If you have a full driving license then you will know how to drive.
  • Being a taxi driver lets you be your own boss, structuring your working day as you wish.
  • Taxi drivers usually operate within their own environment, taking fairs in areas in which they know to their entirety.
  • Becoming a private taxi driver means no single day is the same as the last, getting to meet new people throughout each and every day.

How to become a taxi driver

30033757_4 If you are considering becoming a taxi driver then there is a few things you will need to get started. Professional taxi and private hire vehicle drivers are responsible for the safety of their passengers, for this reason they are required to obtain special licenses, issued by Passenger Transport Licensing Division, Driver and Vehicle Agency. The process is split into two phases, applying for your taxi licence and passing the taxi driver theory and practical tests.

How much will it cost?

Type of test Fee
Taxi driver theory test fee £34.00
Taxi driver practical test fee £60.00
Taxi driver practical test (evening and weekend fee) £90.00
Taxi driver licence application fee £140.00

What if I want to work for myself?

If you wish to operate your own taxi or fleet of vehicles then you are legally obliged to apply for an operators licence. Only the Department of Environment (NI) can grant a Taxi Operator Licence (TOL). You should apply for your TOL no later than eight weeks before you wish to start operating, allowing time for the application to be processed. The application fee is £140. There are two types of operator’s licence: Small operator - a maximum of two taxi vehicles available for use at any one time Large operator - no restrictions on the number of taxi vehicles available for use at any one time If you decide to opt for a small operators licence then you always have the option of upgrading in the future.

Taxi insurance

Once you have your vehicle, the correct licensing and registered with your local council you need to start shopping for taxi insurance, being a focal part of your business workings. Coverage must be:
  • Serving
  • Rich in features
  • Not to pricy that it demands too much of your earnings
  • Placed with a reputable company
So, if you are looking to become a taxi driver be sure to keep High Gear Insurance in mind when shopping for your private hire insurance.

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