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Bradford Car Insurance Broker Jailed for No Claims Forgery

Bradford Car Insurance Broker Jailed for No Claims Forgery

A Bradford insurance fraudster has been imprisoned for twelve months following a string of financial offences. Atique Khan has been posing as a car insurer, tricking customer as well as insurers for his own financial gain. The Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department (IFED) says that Khan managed to convince over 50 drivers that he could obtain cheaper quotes than those they had previously received, selling himself as an insurance specialist, possessing an expertise for competitive rates. The 33-year-old criminal was actually charging drivers more than the prices given to him by 1st Central Insurance, as well as requesting a handling fee for his troubles. Although Brokers do have to make their money for their efforts it was not the only immoral activity that Khan practiced. He was actually providing 1st Central Insurance with inaccurate personal details of his customers, as well as forging no claims bonus documentation. This enables Khan to relay details of the policy that he had received, offering lower premiums and impressive packages that were built on the back of lies. His operational strategy was however uncovered. Khan was exposed in January 2012 when 1st Central became skeptical of the fact that all of the policy email addresses were identical. The insurer referred the case to IFED in the City of London Police. Following a thorough investigation IFED found that many of the policies put through his business were purchased by credit cards registered in his own name, again raises suspicions over whether he was practicing ethically. Detectives arrested Khan at his house on Ewart Street of Bradford in May. Officials seized numerous insurance documents, £1,000 in cash, a computer, a laptop, two iPads and several mobile phones. A forensic examination of these devices revealed forged no claims bonus documents and the tweaking of letters and quotes. DS Mark Forster, who led IFED's investigation, said: "Khan devised a car insurance scam that saw him ruthlessly target members of his community to make thousands of pounds.

"He left his victims unknowingly out on the road with no insurance, exposing them and other drivers to risk and financial loss, but now the court has ensured he will pay the price for his fraud."
Glen Marr, director of fraud at 1st Central commented: "1st Central is pleased that this ghost broker has been brought before the court, as yet another example of the excellent and successful collaborative work of IFED and the insurance industry, in rooting out and pursuing insurance fraudsters.
"At 1st Central we will continue to adopt an uncompromising stance with fraudsters, underlining our commitment to protecting genuine customers from the impact of fraud. This commitment extends to working closely with IFED, to ensure fraudsters face the repercussions of their dishonest actions."
This story simply proves the great work that the governing bodies of this industry carry out, allowing us to appreciate the work of organisations such as the FCA and the IFED. We at High Gear are eternally grateful for such companies, working with them to ensure ethical practice is in place. Related: FCA

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