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Bristol Taxi Driver Helps Convict Prolific Burglar

Bristol Taxi Driver Helps Convict Prolific Burglar

Brisolians are renowned for keeping their wits about them, staying aware of what is going on around them. A Bristol taxi driver used the power of eavesdropping for the public good this week. He overheard a burglar discussing the conquests of his last raid, rummaging through a bag of stolen goods. The burglar in question has been named as Samuel Aitken, 35-year-old criminal operator. The taxi driver dropped the suspect off at a Bedminster address before voicing his suspicions to the police who immediately responded. The police arrived at the address where they overheard the man shouting in anxiety saying that the stolen Ipod "must have a tracker". Bristol Crown Court heard that Aitken had burgled homes since the very young age of 13 and had spent the majority of the last 16 years in prison as a direct result of his actions. Aitken pleaded guilty to burgling the home on September 20. A significant amount of jewellery and electrical goods were taken from the property leaving him face a sentence of four and a half years. Simon Goodman, prosecuting, said: "He was asked to pick up another man shortly after and heard them talking about how much the diamond earrings would be worth. He formed the opinion there had been a burglary.". Mr Goodman told the court that the owners left their house secure at 7.20pm because one of their young children had broken their leg. "When they returned at 1.20am they discovered they had been broken into," said Mr Goodman. "On going into the bedroom they found the contents of all the wardrobes and drawers were on the floor and the bed. All the jewellery had gone, cash and a camera." Discussing Aitken's previous convictions, Mr Goodman described the defendant as a "prolific dwelling-house burglar". Katie Jenkins, defending, said her client could not remember this incident as he was on a cocktail of drugs and in a suicidal mindset, Sentencing Aitken, Judge Michael Roach told him: "You have been in front of the court consistently for this type of offence and know how seriously the court views it. "I express no judgement regarding your difficulties at the time, but only the misery you inflicted on others. You are a prolific, professional burglar."

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