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Brits break the law 21 times a year, insurance price comparison site survey reveals

Brits break the law 21 times a year, insurance price comparison site survey reveals

The average Brit breaks the law around 21 times a year,<> revealed this week. Speeding, eating or drinking while driving and not wearing a seat belt are the most common crimes we commit during our day-to-day lives. Other car crimes which take place regularly include jumping red lights, parking on double yellow lines and driving someone else's motor without the proper insurance cover. Downloading music illegally, texting or chatting while driving, and cycling without lights on are also offences we regularly commit. John Miles, business development director for<>, which conducted the poll of 3,000 adults, said: ''Brits are becoming so used to breaking the law on a daily basis that they aren't even fazed by their actions. ''A huge number of people choose to regularly break the speed limit, which means British roads are filled with inconsiderate and dangerous drivers. ''And those people who insist on doing things other than actually driving the car - such as eating, drinking or using the mobile phone - are putting their own lives in danger as well as the lives of others.'' The report revealed 79 per cent breaking the speed limit regularly, another seven out of ten eating or drink behind the wheel, while four out of ten drive without a seatbelt from time to time. And despite numerous government warnings, a third of Brits continue to use their mobile phone while driving the car. It also emerged 70 per cent of people have cycled a the pavement, without realising it was an offence. A further 36 per cent regularly download music, films or other files on their computer or laptop without paying for them. And 34 per cent of people have even had sex in a public place - risking both embarrassment and legal action if caught. Other law-breaking activities which are common-place include dropping litter (25 per cent) and parking in a disabled spot when shopping (17 per cent). The top 20 list also shows that 28 per cent of Brits have taken drugs at some point in their life, while 14 per cent think nothing of smoking in a public place. It also showed one in four people have moved but failed to tell the DVLA of their change of address, while 14 per cent have watched television without a TV license. Other crimes which are committed regularly but didn't make the top 20 include reading and replying to emails while driving (eight per cent) and driving the car without an MOT (10 per cent). John Miles added: ''The survey shows the average person who answered feels they break the law 21 times a year, but in reality this number is probably far greater. ''We are sure there are some things people wouldn't even know were illegal - particularly things like failing to clean up dog poo or dropping litter. ''There is a saying that 'rules are made to be broken', but when something has been made illegal it has to be for a good reason.'' TOP 20 WAYS WE BREAK THE LAW 1. Break the speed limit - 79 per cent 2. Driving without due care and attention (Eating / drinking while driving) - 71 per cent 3. Cycled on the pavement - 70 per cent 4.  Manoeuvre the car without wearing a seatbelt - 41 per cent 5. Downloaded music or files on the computer without paying - 36 per cent 6. Sex in a public place - 34 per cent 7. Driven through a red light - 34 per cent 8. Park on double yellow lines - 31 per cent 9. Text or check a text on the mobile phone while driving - 31 per cent 10. Taken drugs - 28 per cent 11. Used the mobile phone while driving - 26 per cent 12. Dropped litter - 25 per cent 13. Moved and failed to tell DVLA of change of address - 24 per cent 14. Driven someone else's car without insurance - 23 per cent 15. Cycled without lights on after dark - 21 per cent 16. Bumped into someone's car and driven off without leaving details - 20 per cent 17. Taken the dog for a walk and not cleaned up their poo - 18 per cent 18. Park in a disabled spot - 17 per cent 19. Smoked in a public place - 14 per cent 20. Watched TV without a TV license - 14 per cent

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