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Cambridge Taxi Drivers Angered By Influx of Cycle Racks

Cambridge Taxi Drivers Angered By Influx of Cycle Racks

Cambridge is a beautiful part of England, an area that inevitably sees many tourists throughout the year. For this reason taxi drivers are fond of Cambridge, appreciative of their regular spots and ranks. Every city and town has their taxi hotspots, places where black cabs gather to entice fares. Sidney Street of Cambridge used to be this spot until this week the area has been replaced by cycle racks. Amid this battle for space it seems that the country’s persistence to go green has affected the taxi industry dramatically. Cambridge Taxi Drivers VA spokesman for Cambridge Hackney Carriage Association, which represents almost 200 drivers, said: “We were not told the rank was closing. They said about removing some racks to give us more room - there’s a pig flying - but no signs were put up either giving notice. There is uproar amongst some drivers at the moment to the way this was done' “The first we all knew about it was when they started work, and I’m sure legally they have to put these notices up and give warning and consult us further. “No-one knows who was present at this taxi forum meeting" Andy Preston, the council’s project delivery manager, said: “The taxi rank is being relocated off the footway on to the carriageway outside Boots, where it is also more appropriate and will have increased capacity. “This proposal was consulted on by the city council with the rest of the proposals and no objections were received. The relocation was also discussed and agreed at a Taxi Drivers Forum Meeting, where it was noted that the increased capacity was appreciated. “Cambridgeshire County Council then carried out the legal statutory TRO (traffic regulation order) process, which includes advertisement of the proposals in the local newspaper and a site notice, as well as specific targeted consultation with statutory stakeholders. No objections were received. The legal traffic order has now been sealed and will be operational from May 30, with the signage erected this week." If you are a driver from the area whose trade has been effected let us know by leaving your comments below.

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