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Car insurance ancillaries: are addition extras worth the money?

Car insurance ancillaries: are addition extras worth the money?

If you have had the experience of shopping for car insurance then you will be well aware of the bombardment of questions, feeling that you are trying to be upsold left, right and centre. Where many of these suggestions are ways for insurers and brokers to make more money some offerings are actually very beneficial, saving you a considerable amount of money in the event of a crash or theft. With many finding it hard to separate between the two we at High Gear thought we should clear things up, giving you a clear picture of the advantages of additional policy extras. Obviously the more eventualities your car insurance covers you for the better you are protected, however, it is up to you to gauge the probability of these outcomes. Protected no-claims bonus car-insurance-quote-online One of the great rewards of being a courteous driver is racking up your years of no claims, helping you prove you are not a huge risk when renewing your car insurance policy. If you were to be involved in a small bump then you run the risk of losing all of the no claims you have built up over the years, seeing the price of your premium rise as a result. Many insures that we work with offer protected no claims options, usually for those that have proof of four years no claims. This generally allows drivers two fault claims within a three-year period without affecting their no claims bonus (NCB). Personal injury cover If you use your vehicle solely for commercial purposes then it may be worth looking into the benefits of personal injury cover when shopping for car insurance. This policy extra covers vehicle owners or named drivers in the event of a serious injury or death whilst driving the car. If you are shopping for van insurance, truck insurance or even wedding car insurance, be sure to ask for quotations including personal injury cover. Recovery service XI79XWFYZ_1677780546_0 Having a policy that incorporates a recovery service is very beneficial in the event of a crash or a breakdown. However, it is worth considering the price that your insurer is quoting with many independent firms offering cheap rates. Also, if you only use your vehicle occasionally you may not need this service as much as a professional taxi driver might. Key replacement Losing your car keys or fob is one of life’s bugbears, and in many instances it could leave you considerably out of pocket. At High Gear we work with a number of insurance providers offering this extra service, covering you in the event of a car key theft or loss, helping you with various eventualities. gie5EpyBTWhether you have left your keys in the ignition or accidentally damaged them, many insurers will pay out for them to be replaced. If this does not sound like something you want to pay extra for then it is worth taking a few precautions, reducing the likelihood of loosing or having your keys stolen in the first place.

  • Do not leave your spare key in the car
  • Do not leave your keys where people can see them
  • When you buy a car, always ask the dealer or previous owner for two sets of keys
  • Do not keep all your car keys on the same fob
Hire car Again, the amount you use your car must be focused upon here. For instance if you only use your car once a week to do the shopping a courtesy car may not be worth the outlay. However, if you us your vehicle for business purposes it may be imperative that you have a vehicle whilst yours is being replaced/repaired. Car insurance quotations If you are looking for car insurance, van insurance, taxi issuance or even bike insurance, contact us today and allow us to talk you through the various options at hand.

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