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Car Insurance for Drivers With Points

Car Insurance for Drivers With Points

At High Gear we understand that people make mistakes with points on your license not necessarily reflecting you and your driving style. Almost every driver in the UK has felt the wrath of the hidden speed camera, reminding us to abide by the Highway Code and be the courteous driver that we can be. Where such mistakes are irreversible we do not believe that motorists should be eternally punished for such regrets. At High Gear we work with a panel of insurers that have extensive experience in formatting policies for drivers without squeaky-clean licences, taking pride in their approach to the subject. Whether you have been convicted of drink driving, have been charged for speeding offences or been cautioned for dangerous driving, allow us to discuss the many options at hand. Providing a service to niche motoring markets is what we do best, ensuring drivers do not dwell on the past but look forward to a future of competitive insurance. We believe that drivers with convictions are actually more conscious of the way in which they drive, with their experiences reminding them to drive safely. If you would like High Gear to calculate a premium for you then get in contact today. What have you got to lose?

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