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Car insurance warning to victims of frost-jacking

Car insurance warning to victims of frost-jacking

As the cold snap continues to bite, car insurance companies are warning motorists to be extra vigilant when defrosting their cars in the morning to avoid becoming a victim of frost-jacking. As the arctic conditions hit Britain this week, so did the frost-jackers. There has been a spate of incidents up and down the country where opportunist thieves have pounced on cars as the owners have left the engines running to warm up before heading off to work. However car insurance companies are warning that this kind of theft could invalidate your insurance policy. Leaving a car unattended with the engine running is like an open invitation to thieves, and this could potentially leave your insurance cover void. This week alone, 50 frost-jacking incidents have been recorded in the West Midlands, with 3 attacks taking place within 20 minutes in the Greater Manchester area on Monday morning. Gangs of opportunist thieves are said to be roaming the streets on the prowl for drivers leaving the cars running while they warm up and defrost their windscreens, so it’s vital drivers don’t leave their cars unattended to avoid becoming a victim of this kind of crime. It’s not just luxury cars such as BMWs, Mercedes and Audis that are being targeted, according to the police cars such as Vauxhalls, Fords and Peugeots are also being taken in frost-jacking attacks. The warning is, be extra vigilant. If your car is stolen after being left unattended, it’s highly unlikely your insurance will cover you.

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