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Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers

Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers

Convicted Driver Car Insurance

Convicted Driver Car & Taxi Insurance

Welcome to High Gear, the insurance brokers aiding convicted drivers to find cheap car insurance.

The motoring industry has a tendency to tar all convicted drivers with the same brush, seeing each and every driver with a mark against their name as a huge risk. At High Gear we are a lot more open-minded, understanding that people do make mistakes yet want to work on their driving profile, improving it with the help of accommodating insurance companies.

In the eyes of the law throwing the book at drink drivers, uninsured drivers and drivers without a valid licence is their punishment. However, in reality this is not the only penalty.

Whether you have a DR10, SP50, BA10 or a TS20 we can help you get back on track! As well as huge fines, the loss of your licence and a criminal record it is the return of your licence that is arguably the worst stage within the process.

Knowing that your ticket to freedom is to come in the post any day many convicted drivers take to the Internet, looking for small, cheap-to-run vehicles to purchase.

Feeling so secluded due to a lack of mobility the return of your driving licence is a joyous occasion. However, the biggest low comes from the search for cheap insurance coverage, with the majority of convicted drivers offered high rates exceeding their expectations.

At High Gear we have a great knowledge over the way in which the insurance industry works, understanding the procedures taken to arrive at such prices. We have used this industry expertise to implement a new way of offering coverage, connecting convicted drivers with an insurance policy that they feel to be appropriate.

If you require a quote or further information on our services then contact us today.

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