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Cheap young driver car insurance: A how-to guide

Cheap young driver car insurance: A how-to guide

It is arguably one of the biggest bugbears of life – finding Cheap Car Insurance. At High Gear we understand the stresses involved in searching the market for competitive rates, often feeling cheap cover to be non-existent. The best thing to do when shopping for motor insurance is to put yourself in the shoes of the insurer, viewing your situation from a different perspective. When thinking that insurers are basically gambling when insuring you it is up to you to take as many precautions as possible, reassuring your insurer that you are not a huge risk. You can see the price of your insurance plummet as a result of making just a few amendments to your policy. If you are desperately in need of low-cost coverage then check out our how-to guide. Comparing quotes Although the quote comparison process in monotonous it is a necessity, ensuring that you understand what each and every quote entails. Where cheapness is at the forefront of everyone’s agenda opting for a low-standard policy could cost drivers a lot more money in the long-run, with accidents being detrimental your driving future. At High Gear we take great pride in our work, comparing a number of quotations on behalf of our drivers. Once we learn your personal details, the vehicle information and your requests we can get to work, relaying a number of policies that meet both your budget and your expectations. Telematics Car Insurance / Black box insurance Telematics or 'black box' Car Insurance is an emerging market that allows drivers to enjoy cheap insurance, monitoring driver’s behaviour through a technological devise. At High Gear we are keen advocates of telematics insurance as it gives the industry a clear window into the driving style of their customers. Where the price of coverage has always been based on estimates and statistics drivers can now show an actual account of their driving, showing that they are courteous when on the road. Tell mum and dad  If you are looking to lower your insurance rate then it may be worth insuring your mum or dad on your policy, even I they only use your vehicle occasionally. Using an additional experienced driver to help cut costs is a very popular way of lowering rates, making use of other’s no claims. Pay in full Where many take solace in monthly payment plans the truth is they cost a lot more than settling the balance in one. Finance agreements add interest to the premiums quoted so it is definitely worth saving and paying for your coverage upfront. Get a quote If you would like to learn more about cheap car insurance then feel free to get in touch with High Gear today. All of our staff members work with a mission to impress customers with great rates. So, what are you waiting for?

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