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Convicted Drivers Car Insurance

Convicted Drivers Car Insurance :: Points, Banned, Drink Driving, No Insurance, DR10 :: Taxi Insurance

Convicted Drivers Car Insurance

Car Insurance for Convicted Drivers – Convicted Driver Taxi Insurance

Having been convicted of a driving offence can make it pretty problematic when searching for car insurance. In fact, being convicted of any offence can have a detrimental effect on the price of your premium, or even being offered coverage at all.

Here’s a comprehensive list of UK Motoring Conviction Codes to help you understand how they are rated by DVLA.


Many insurance companies/brokers employ a code of conduct to disregard convicts from their service or offer them unattainable rates, placing those who have been convicted in a continuous circle of issues.

This kind of attitude towards those with offences encourages an influx of people not declaring their convictions, an illegal way around the situation that always ends in further trouble with the police. With online licence checks people cannot get away with breaking the law and this on-going problem has to be resolved.

Luckily High Gear Insurance is here to bridge the gap, offering affordable premiums for drivers with convictions against their name. At High Gear we work with a mission to offer honest and fair insurance at competitive rates. We do not view the declaration of a conviction as a huge issue but as an individual circumstance, putting together a policy that best suits you.

Some of the few organisations that do offer coverage to those who have been convicted either suggest you keep your millage low or increase your excess.

Increasing ones excess can have a huge effect on the price of your insurance, but if it is too high it could have a counterproductive outcome. Putting your excess at a figure that is unaffordable in the event of a claim can defeat the object of having insurance cover in the first place.

What we at High Gear do it create a bespoke policy that both parties are comfortable with in regards to incorporations, cover and most importantly, price.

We currently specialise in private motor insurance and Taxi insurance for convicted drivers. If you are looking for cover and have a conviction contact us today and see what we can do for yo

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