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Drink Driver Car Insurance :: DR10 Convicted Drivers Insurance

Drink Driver Car Insurance :: DR10 Convicted Drivers Insurance


At High Gear we understand that people make mistakes, especially in relation to drink driving. Drink-driving is a very serious offence that can result in the loss of your driving licence, hefty fines and in many cases imprisonment.

Although completely against the notion of drink-driving we strongly disagree with the almost permanent stigma it can attach to a drivers seeking car insurance in the future. The workings of a DR10 are left on a driving profile for a decade, within that time it is almost impossible to obtain insurance premiums within the appropriate budget.

With those having been convicted of drink-driving often opting to not pay into their own policy the idea of racking up any no claims bonuses is impossible.

Due to the way in which this industry works the convicted driver is thus drawn into this web of disadvantage, always struggling to arrive at premiums that reflect their level of rehabilitation in regards to driving personality.

Insurers generally dislike those stamped with the term ‘convicted drink-driver', either refusing to offer them coverage or suggesting ridiculously high prices.

Luckily High Gear is here to offer these drivers a break, giving them a chance to start working on a new driving history that will take them into a better future. Offering cheap convicted driver insurance is something that at High Gear we see as a necessity, understanding just how much these kind of drivers want to get back on the road and prove their changes in driving attitude.

Drink-drivers may see their premium increase as much as 115% following the year they receive their licence back, with a great percentage influenced to reoffend again. Many who have been discriminated by insurers because of their driving history end up with an IN10, the name of the conviction given to those driving without insurance.

At High Gear we want to reduce the numbers of all penalties, ensuring our roads, vehicles and drivers are in the safest possible hands.

So, if you are looking for cheap car insurance but have a DR10 on your record give us a call and see what we can do for you.


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