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Courier drivers regularly invalidate their van insurance during their working day

Courier drivers regularly invalidate their van insurance during their working day

It has been revealed that a high number of courier and delivery drivers are regularly invalidating their van insurance policies by leaving their keys in the ignition of their vehicles while making drop offs during their working day. The news was revealed after a study was carried out by The Fuel Card Company which questioned a number of delivery drivers about their driving and work habits. The survey found that out of all of the drivers who were involved in the study, 21% admitted to leaving their vehicles unattended while they delivered goods. Van insurance specialists have warned that this is a high risk practice, and should the van be stolen because the driver left the keys inside the vehicle, insurance companies will be unlikely to pay out. Often delivery drivers say they leave their keys in the van with the ignition still switched on as the constant switching on and off of the engine while deliveries are being made can cause the vehicle’s battery to go flat. However insurance companies recommend that the drivers take the risk of a flat battery, rather than invalidating their insurance policies by leaving their vans open to opportunistic thieves.

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