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Crimewatch Catch Taxi Rank Attacker 5 Years After Incident

Crimewatch Catch Taxi Rank Attacker 5 Years After Incident

As time goes on we tend to forget what have done in the past, as the well-known cliché states ‘time is a healer’. This is not the case when it comes to the theme of crime. With the constant introduction of new technology we are frequently digging up cases from the past, shining new lights on evidence as well as solving cases and imprisoning the catalysts. A man has admitted assaulting two people outside a Redhill taxi rank over five years ago, a huge accomplishment for the police. Jonathon King-Celaya, 31, from Listowel in Kerry, Ireland, pleaded guilty to two counts of actual bodily harm on Friday 6th December. He appeared in a Crimewatch CCTV appeal in September where police tried to track him down for the incident. The footage showed King-Celaya assaulting a man and a woman with one of them falling to the floor after being struck by the criminal. Speaking after his sentencing, Detective Inspector Antony Archibald said: “The media can prove a vital tool in solving crime and the jailing of King-Celaya demonstrates this. “The assault which he admitted to occurred more than five years ago and since then we had been unable to trace him, but Crimewatch gave us the opportunity to bring him to justice for his crime. “I would like to pass on my thanks to the show and the local media for featuring this case and hope we continue to work closely together in the future.” This case proves that no crime goes unpunished, no matter how much you think you have gotten away with it!

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