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Ferrari Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Ferrari Car Insurance for Young Drivers

If you are a new license holder or a young driver then you will be well aware of how difficult it is to obtain cheap car insurance, especially when looking to insure a supercar. With cars such as the Ferrari 360 being incredibly popular amongst younger drivers many do not get the chance to experience their dream cars as a result of extortionate insurance premiums. At High Gear we do things differently, priding ourselves on our ability to help such drivers enjoy supercars with ease. With the insurance industry seeing young drivers as immense accident risks we do not, looking at the bigger picture when calculating premiums. Why choose High Gear Ferrari insurance? • We boast a panel of expert insurers with supercar experience in abundance, equipped with the most knowledgable team to obtain cheap rates. • The High Gear team boast a mission to decrease the rate of young driver car insurance, going that extra mile when liaising with insurers. • Rather than seeing young drivers as a statistic we allow them to work on their driving future, providing great coverage to aid them in doing so. What dictates Ferrari insurance prices? Various details are requested from drivers when they are looking for quotations for cover. Much of this information has a bearing on the amount of the premiums arrived at, determining how much of a risk the driver poses whilst behind the wheel. These details include: • The driver’s age • Their address • The purpose for using the car • How often they will drive it • The size of the engine • The make and model of the car • How long the driver has been fully licensed Setting up a policy If you are interested in setting up a High Gear supercar policy then feel free to contact us today. All of our staff are highly knowledgable on the subject of young driver Ferrari insurance and are happy to help with any enquiry may have.

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