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Fewer car insurance claims by Aussie women compared to men

Fewer car insurance claims by Aussie women compared to men

A recent survey undertaken by a leading car insurance provider in Australia found that male drivers are more likely to make a claim and be involved in an accident on the road than their female counterpart. The figures released by RAA Insurance in Australia showed that out of the 33,400 accidents on Aussie roads in the last two years, men were accountable for 53% of the incidents, meaning that women are less likely to be involved in a road traffic accident on roads in Australia compared to male drivers. The details of each accident and insurance claim showed that male drivers are more likely to hit another car with changing lanes while motorway driving, reversing and crossing intersections all named as the most common causes for accidents involving male drivers on Australia roads. While the figures used for this research were compiled from details using drivers in Australia, the male female divide in terms of more claims being made and accidents being caused by male drivers is a trend seen in the UK as well which is why women are generally rewarded with cheaper car insurance premiums. However from the end of 2012, gender discrimination in the way car insurance is calculated will become illegal in the UK following a ruling by the European Court.

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