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Footage shows Boris Johnson abusing cabbie in heated Uber discussion

Footage shows Boris Johnson abusing cabbie in heated Uber discussion

It sees that Uber are really running everyone up the wrong way of late, causing arguments and debates throughput the globe, especially the traditionally cabbies of London. Just yesterday this sore subject got our very own Boris Johnson’s famously messy hair off, seeing him shout and swear at a cabbie that felt unsupported by the UK Uber invasion. The Sun and Daily Mail newspapers released a video showing the mayor of London on his bicycle telling a taxi driver “to fuck off and die – and not in that order”. Notorious for having a humorous way with words Boris’ display has hit newspapers all over the world with many disappointed by his unprofessional approach to liaising with the public. Provoked attack? The black cab driver showed his fury over at the way Transport for London, overseen by the mayor, has allowed Uber drivers to weaken their trade saying: “You’re one of them mate. That’s what you are. One of them.” Captured footage show Johnson replying: “Why don’t you fuck off and die, why don’t you fuck off and die – and not in that order.” The cabbie then drives away shrieking: “Yeah bollocks, I hope you die.” And who said politics as boring? Let us know what you think, should Boris have reacted in this way, has this ruined his changes of becoming Prime Minister? Leave your thoughts below.

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