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Google to Go Bumper to Bumper With Uber

Google to Go Bumper to Bumper With Uber

ApparentlyUB Google are developing their own ride-hailing service, a project that we believe will be launched in conjunction with their driverless car. Although we have been waiting many years for their no-driver car to be finalised one thing we can say about Google is that they always deliver on their promises. Although this is not the first time Google have ventured into a new market we cannot help but think the focus to be odd, considering Google are one of Uber’s largest investors! Partners turned rivals Google Ventures, the search giant's venture capital arm, invested a staggering $258 million in Uber back in August 2013. It was Google Ventures' largest investment ever. Google has continued to pump money into Uber making another large payment just last year. David Drummond, Google’s chief legal officer and senior vice president of corporate development, joined the Uber board of directors in 2013 and still resides in that position today. It had been reported that the Uber board is wondering whether to ask Drummond to resign his position in light of Google’s new plans. Uber to tread on Google’s toesgoogle-driverless-car Uber is also teaming up with Carnegie Mellon University for a research facility in Pittsburgh, to develop its own autonomous vehicle technology. This was announced on Monday, again encouraging the likelihood of a conflict between the two companies. Travis Kalanick, Uber’s CEO, has publicly discussed what he sees as the inevitability of autonomous taxis, saying they could offer cheaper rides and a true alternative to vehicle ownership. “The Uber experience is expensive because it’s not just the car but the other dude in the car,” he said at a technology conference in 2014, referring to the expense of paying human drivers. “When there’s no other dude in the car, the cost [of taking an Uber] gets cheaper than owning a vehicle.” Let us know what you think, could Uber really contend with Google? Leave your comments below.

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