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Habits of the average driver revealed by insurance comparison site study

Habits of the average driver revealed by insurance comparison site study

The habits of the average driver over a lifetime have been revealed as part of a study by leading insurance price comparison website, The survey polled a broad cross section of 2,000 drivers to collect the results which make for very interesting reading. The results of the poll found that the average UK motorist’s driving lifetime covers 61.5 years with the majority of drivers getting behind the wheel at the age of 17. During this time they will own 26 cars, cover 300,000 miles and break the speed limit a whopping 18,165 times. During our driving lifetime which stretches 61.5 years, we spend a great deal of our time behind the wheel of our cars mostly commuting to work, driving other people about, and driving to social events. The average motorists will get stuck in a traffic jam 9,348 times during their lifetime, which equates to 100 days and 21 hours and 7 minutes spent sitting in traffic queues, and will also get lost on 336 different occasions. Over the course of their driving lifetime a car owner will have to get their car fixed 31 times, and will fill up with fuel at the pumps on 2,645 different occasions. Other non-driving related activities which take place in cars include drivers sleeping in their vehicle 39 times over their lifetime, crying in their cars on 82 different occasions, and arguing with a partner 3,646 times.

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