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High proportions of young adults fail to take out home contents insurance

High proportions of young adults fail to take out home contents insurance

Home contents insurance doesn’t rank very highly on may young adults’ “to do” lists new research has revealed with almost half of those questioned as part of the study admitting to not having cover for the personal items in their home. The research was carried out by and questioned 1,467 young adults aged between 18-25 years of age who live away from their parents. Out of this number a staggering 49% admitted they didn’t have contents insurance to protect their personal belongings. Out of those who had no contents cover, 41% were students in rented accommodation, while 7% were home owners with a mortgage. When questioned as to reasons for not taking out insurance on their home contents, the most popular reason was “haven’t got round to it” with 54% using this excuse. 6% were honest by saying they thought it was a waste of money, 11% said they couldn’t afford it, while 9% thought they didn’t need it. Out of those young adults who did have a home contents insurance policy, 12% said they had taken out cover as they believed it was a legal requirement, while 3% said it was because they’d been caught out in the past for not having cover. Insurance experts believe there is a grey area which is causing confusion. For those in rented accommodation, the landlord will be responsible for insurance for the building, however the tenant will generally need to have their own cover for personal items such as TVs, laptops, cameras and other valuable items. The advice being given is, if in doubt, do your research or ask the advice of your letting agent.

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