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High Quality Taxi Insurance

High Quality Taxi Insurance

We at High Gear are preoccupied with offering cheap taxi coverage that is serving to the drivers of the industry. Over the years we have found that many are viewing insurance as a gamble, possessing an attitude that is dangerous in the event of a crash. In an attempt to lower premiums many taxi drivers opt out of great services such as breakdown cover and fully comprehensive protection. In addition to the incorporations they are not writing into their policies they are also compromising their financial safety, agreeing to pay ridiculously priced excess that they know they will never be able to afford. This is an issue that has been going on for many years with insurers safeguarding their investment by charging extremely high excess figures. Although this does inevitably decrease the amount quoted it can cause substantial stress in the regretful event of a claim. With many not being able to afford the excess they have agreed to some drivers have to stay off of the road, an eventuality that it detrimental to the success of a taxi driver. Having studied the taxi insurance industry for many years we have decided to make High Gear an exception of this trend, putting together high quality policies for great prices. Rich in quality, we aim to create policies that support taxi drivers, not filling them with anxiety at the thought of an accident. If you are looking to start a policy that is both honest and saves you money then we would love to help, putting together an insurance agreement that protects you in every way. Contact us today and receive a free quote form one of our taxi insurance experts.

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Being a Taxi driver is a fantastic occupation, although it’s one that comes with its own challenges and hazards too.


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