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Taxi Insurance for High Risk Drivers

Taxi Insurance for High Risk Drivers

When it comes to getting taxi insurance things can get difficult, with brokers and providers traditionally asking a whole string of questions before providing a quotation. This is why at High Gear we like to work a little differently, going above and beyond to help drivers that are coined with the title of 'high risk driver'. Understanding the industry better than any of our competitors we strip the quote process down, focusing on the positive aspects of your details rather than tarring you with the same brush as others. In our experience new taxi drivers, young taxi drivers and convicted taxi drivers are the worst hit, with the majority of providers hearing risk alarm bells that encourage them to hike up their prices. Looking at individuals rather than generalisations we work in a rather separate manner, getting to know our customers and exploring the many avenues to go down to obtain high standard, low priced policy rates.

New drivers

If you are a new taxi driver then your first shop for taxi insurance may bring with it some surprising eventualities, with rates for newbies often being sky high. Understanding the frustration we at High Gear work with expert panel that specialise in these 'high risk' individuals. Nihat, sales manager of High Gear, says: 'We love being that company that helps new taxi drivers, giving them a warm welcome to the market where so many firms shut the door on them. While a lack of experience is a risk factor the truth is many brokers and insurers overprice, forcing drivers out of the industry. We see it as our duty to help where we can'.

Young drivers

With a lack of driving experience many insurers will feel sceptical about covering you, having no record in order for them to take inspiration from. While being a sticky situation it is one that provides options, with the High Gear team making a name for themselves fir helping young taxi drivers.

Convicted drivers

While driving and criminal convictions are usually regrets that motorists want to forget the truth is they prove to be pretty interesting from an insurers' point of view, painting a picture of what type of attitude you prevail when behind the wheel. If you are a convicted, new or young taxi driver in need of insurance then contact High Gear today and learn more about the many options available to you. With man introductory rates and a wide range of payment schemes we will be sure to help you where we can.

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