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Home insurer reports rise in pest problems in UK properties

Home insurer reports rise in pest problems in UK properties

Home insurance provider, LV, has revealed a sharp increase in pests in UK homes with a recent studying reporting that 65% of pest controllers have found that problems related to rats, mice, squirrel and bed bugs in British homes has sharply risen in the last 12 months. One of the principle causes for this sudden increase in pest infestation in UK homes could be due to the change in waste collections. Previously domestic rubbish was collected every week, however in many parts of the UK, this has been reduced to fortnightly collections. Another major change which is likely to be linked to the rise in vermin in British homes is the introduction of the food recycling collection. In the last five years since these changes to waste collections have been implemented, 27% of homeowners in the UK have reported seeing more rats and foxes in the vicinity of their homes. Pest controllers also believe that warmer modern homes are also providing a haven for rats and mice seeking shelter from the cold. It’s estimated that Brits have their central heating on in their homes for almost half the year, 5.8 months to be precise, creating the perfect cosy environment to attract vermin. Aside from the obvious inconvenience of having rats or mice nesting in your home, vermin in the house can also be damaging to the property. LV home insurance has found that the most common problem caused by rodents is the chewing of wires, 94% of homes that have suffered an infestation reported this problem, followed by damage to insulation, 93% of homes.

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