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How to Tackle Runaway Passengers (Literally)

How to Tackle Runaway Passengers (Literally)

Evading taxi fares is a huge issue in the transport industry, causing drivers a great deal of money year on year. In addition to the loss of earnings and wasted time it is the frustration that lingers in the driver’s thoughts that is the issue, thinking that there may have been something they could have done to prevent/tackle these incidents. Although you cannot physically tackle such customers it is worth getting yourself prepared just incase you are one of the unlucky ones to pick-up a rotter! Hackney Carriage driver Mozir Choudhury, from Cheltenham airs his level of annoyance on this subject: "It happens quite regularly and it is incredibly frustrating. There's nothing we can do about it though. If we call the police they say they can't do anything and if we run after them we are risking our own safety. "The worst case I've had was an £80 fare to Bromsgrove in Worcestershire, and the people who ran off were middle- aged men who had just been to the races. I couldn't believe it." With many drivers feeling that they do not get the support they need to face this issue we at High Gear have come up with our own plan of attack. Take a look at our advice and suggestions to stop these wrongdoers in their tracks: Ask for Money Upfront image moneyBy requesting for a percentage or the full amount of the fair upfront you will separate the honest customers from the scroungers, nipping such issues as payment refusal in the bud immediately. Not only does this method secure you financially but it also makes for an enjoyable and relaxed journey, allowing you to sit back and enjoy those overplayed hits on BBC Radio 1. Keep the Doors Locked Although setting a slight horror film tone in your cab locking the doors can be a beneficial move. Instilling panic in those who are trying to get a free ride at your expense can feel pretty rewarding. Get Cameras Fitted cameraHaving CCTV inside your taxi does sound like a drastic and quite dramatic move but it can really serve a great purpose in times of dispute. With many unsavoury characters making their way to your taxi cameras can often put offenders off of doing anything that they will live to regret. Bring Your Running Shoes chewing_2481060If you are residing in London you will be familiar with the ‘taxi driver chases runaway passenger’ headlines, an incident that has become part of the city's backdrop. With the taxi driver infamous for losing this race why not stay one peg ahead and be equipped with running shoes? Not only will this give your taxi driver image a revamp but you will be in with more of a chance of catching those criminals. Many taxi drivers have been known to make citizens arrests, taking the law into their own hands when addressed. Although a serious issue, is there anything funnier than a citizens arrest? Call for Back Up! lego-police-on-motorcycleWhat such criminals have to realise is that this is not Grand Theft Auto and although the UK is a forgiving place running away from a taxis without paying is illegal. The police are very accommodating to such incidents and are renowned for implementing appropriate punishments such as cautions, warnings and hefty fines. While these measures do seem a little over-the-top they are imperative in keeping you and your taxi business in the realms of success, showing the passenger who is boss and taking no shrapnel from anyone!

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