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Hull Operators Plea to Council For Easier Licensing Tests

Hull Operators Plea to Council For Easier Licensing Tests

When wanting to become a taxi driver there are many there are many tasks that have to be carried out, with many rules and regulations having to be adhered to. Being an infamous headache for aspiring cabbies it seems the operators of Hull have made a stand, urging the council to give them a break when it comes training. In a letter, Hull Private Hire Association spokesman Cally Harrison said: "All operators in Hull have felt the restrictive effects of the policy with very few new private hire drivers joining the companies. "The current policy is totally unnecessary. It is too expensive and the process is too lengthy." As a result of this strenuous training process fewer drivers are subsequently being taken on, thus encouraging taxi firms to struggle in regards to staff numbers. Although this does not sound like a huge issue, with everyone wanting to keep busy it does mean that cities, especially at night and on weekends, are finding it hard to get transport, making times like Christmas and New Year very stressful. She said: "The lack of private hire drivers to assist in clearing the city centre at weekends is posing a public safety issue to our drivers. "We are experiencing harassment, threats and intimidation to our drivers in the city centre from the irate public who cannot order any taxis as all our operators are now often booked up, up to three hours in advance. "In desperation, some people wanting to get home are offering ridiculous amounts of money as bribery. "This will undoubtedly lead to temptation, with drivers breaching private hire licensing conditions." Let us know what you think, are Hull Council right to be so stringent in their approach? Leave your comments below.

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