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Insurance for banned drivers - High Gear Insurance

Insurance for banned drivers - High Gear Insurance

Insurance for banned drivers - High Gear Insurance

Insurance for banned drivers

At High Gear we strive to offer the best insurance rates, regardless of your previous driving history. However, calculating rates for insurance for banned drivers can be tough, with so many points to consider. There has to be a balance between protecting the insurers and making the premiums affordable to drivers; a balance that we believe we have cracked.

Why is banned driver insurance so high?

There are now more speed cameras present on the UK’s roads than ever before, as well as a recent crackdown on using a handheld device whilst driving. These two factors alone have seen motoring convictions increase significantly.

An increasing cause of driving bans is the TT99 conviction, or totting up as it’s more commonly known. Receiving a total of 12 points on your driving licence, or 6 points in your first three years will lead to a ban.

Unfortunately one of the more common and dangerous causes of diving bans still remains drink driving. One reassuring statistic however is that very few drivers reoffend after serving a driving ban. The consequences of being banned from driving will usually make people more conscious when driving.

In fact, a recent study has shown only 12% of drivers banned for alcohol related offences will reoffend within 10 years.

Receive a quote for banned driver insurance

Many partners on our insurance panel are specialists in offering insurance for banned drivers. We will asses your whole driving profile and not just your ban, allowing us to offer the cheapest quotes on the market for almost everyone.

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