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Insurance ‘Fronting’ Proves to be Dangerous for Policyholders

Insurance ‘Fronting’ Proves to be Dangerous for Policyholders

New research carried out by Privilege car insurance has illustrated the severity of ‘Fronting’, the name given to the act of falsely claiming to be a main driver on an insurance policy. This is most common with young drivers, pretending that their parents are the main drivers on a policy in order to reduce premiums put forth to them. This case study has found that more than two million drivers risk having their policy cancelled with no premiums refunded if caught trying to fool providers in this way. The industry is really cracking down on this type of fraud, putting actions in place to put an end to unethical practices. Authorities have claimed that if caught policyholders may see claims being refused and difficulty obtaining insurance in the future. Another similar insurance fraud of late is the use of a ‘Phantom’ driver. This is when those searching for a policy simply add made-up names to the ‘additional drivers’ section, seeing their quotes reduce as a result. The research also revealed that a shocking three per cent of drivers who do not own a car have driven other cars belonging to family and friends without being named on their policy, thus have been driving without any cover whatsoever. These alarming findings are reflective of driver’s attitude towards insurance, not seeing the relevance of what coverage actually stands for. People’s obsession with receiving low premiums has consequently led to a generation of uninsured drivers, a frightening thought for those who abide by insurance laws and guidelines. Charlotte Fielding, head of car insurance at Privilege, said: "It is vital that drivers ensure that they know under what circumstances they can drive cars that they are not named on the policy for and understand the liability they are accepting by doing this." The insurance industry is quite obviously in need of revision but what do you think? Leave your comments with us.

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