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Insurance survey finds 123 working hours are being wasted due to traffic jams

Insurance survey finds 123 working hours are being wasted due to traffic jams

A survey by car insurance provider Churchill has estimated that 123 million working hours are being lost every year due to commuters getting stuck in traffic jams. Churchill Car Insurance discovered that of Brits 11% who drive to work end up being a minimum of 40 minutes late every time they get stuck in traffic, while commuters were found to arrive at work 27 minutes late on average at least once a month as a result of getting stuck in gridlocked traffic. For many, this equates to their journey time being doubled. Due to the huge impact that congestion is having on the working lives of Brits, many of us are changing our working routines in a bid to beat the traffic with 21% of workers starting their day at the office between 5:15 am and 7.30 am in order to help avoid the traditional rush hour, while the car insurance survey also found that 51% of Brits are starting working before 8:30 with the sole aim of starting early so as to not get stuck in traffic. 12% of those who took part in the study said they frequently stayed longer at work in an attempt to miss traffic, while 19% admitted they would often arrive at work already feeling stressed as a result of being late after getting caught in a traffic jam. 1,095 motorists who drive to their place of work took part in the study which sought to evaluate the affect traffic congestion is having on the lives of British workers. The results seem to speak for themselves, with millions of working hours being lost and many Brits being forced change their working lives in order to avoid congested roads.

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