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Journalist Car Insurance

Journalist Car Insurance

Traditionally Journalists are physically at the centre of a news story, racing to the drama with their Dictaphone at hand. Where Journalists still have a physical presence at big events the duties of a writer now unfold behind a desk, with new technology providing access to a whole world of news from the comfort of a computer. Where the industry has witnessed an overhaul it seems the motor insurance industry is still lagging behind, employing a warped view of how a Journalist’s day is carried out. Still writing in the possibility of a reporter racing in their car to grab a quote for a write-up Journalists are constantly overcharged for car insurance, unfairly represented as high-risk drivers.

Car insurance the modern way

Just like the world of news coverage has been modernised so has the insurance industry, with us at High Gear employing more of an open mind when devising policy plans. Looking at the individual rather than the profession we help Journalists build policies that reflect their needs as well as their driving style, offering a whole gamut of options to our customers.

How much is Car Insurance for Journalists?

We do not propose fixed rates, instead we offer a bespoke service to each of our customers. In doing so we make sure everyone gets a fair price for car insurance, being presented with a policy that reflects their driving history. In order to generate a quotation for you we will need just a few details, gaining more of an understanding of you and your relationship with driving. These details include:
  • You name and address
  • Your age
  • The registration of the vehicle you with to insure
  • How long you have has the car
  • The type of policy you are looking for (Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire and Theft, or Fully Comprehensive)
  • Your driving history
To go ahead and receive a quote call us on 0800 043 7755 and speak with a motor insurance professional.

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