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London’s Eco Taxi Plans Grind to a Halt

London’s Eco Taxi Plans Grind to a Halt

At High Gear we were thrilled when we heard the news of London’s backing of the environmentally friendly taxis, setting to launch a fleet of 50 electric vehicles within the coming year. One of London’s largest minicab operators, Green Tomato Cars, has just announced that they are no longer working on the eco-friendly taxi project that was initially agreed back in 2012. The firm was meant to being forming a partnership with Chinese electric car creators, BYD, which would have made the first steps in putting the Boris Johnson plans for an all eco taxi industry by 2018 into force. Green Tomatoe Cars said:

“It was mutually decided that we will not pursue this venture further”. No explanation was given, but last year it said the rollout of the cars had been delayed due to London’s inability to charge the vehicles on a mass scale.
This seems to be a reoccurring issue with the transition over to electric. Although attitudes towards the environment have changed the execution of procedures to alter the way in which we operate have not. Despite this project not being lived out London is still showing a preoccupation for securing the environment through eco-friendly taxis. The Chinese firm BYD are already making vehicles for the British market with new taxi firm Thriev named as the latest purchasers. Thriev has installed two BYD rapid chargers at its base on London’s Edgware Road that can rejuvenate empty batteries in just a few hours. On the back of this it seems that Thriev are definitely going to beat all other taxi firms with the first all electric fleet.

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