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Maaxi App Promises to Give Power Back to Cabbies by Kicking Uber to the Curb

Maaxi App Promises to Give Power Back to Cabbies by Kicking Uber to the Curb

Off late we have heard nothing but news of Uber success with the booking app forcing its way into the transport industry at a great speed. Where many have welcomed Uber with open wallets cab drivers have not been so hospitable. Uber allows people to book and pay for their Uber taxi online, resulting in cab drivers losing a lot of business due to a lack of ‘hailing’ customers. With Uber protests being carried out in both London and France it seemed that Uber had reined supreme. However, it appears that the industry is going to experience another shake up that Uber may not appreciate. A new app called Maaxi promises to give power back to the cabby, creating a way in which they can compete with Uber. Maaxi aims to partner five strangers that are all heading in the same direction, giving them the opportunity to share a cab and consequently save a lot of money. Traditionally, black cabs do not charge by the number of passengers they are chauffeuring, but this is not the case with Maaxi. "The taxi driver charges each person less than the meter fare but overall gets more, when aggregating all the partial fares - a true win-win," explained Gabi Campos, the firm's chief executive. "The fares are distributed according to the distance and time the person spends in the taxi, so that if five people share a journey they split the fare for that portion in five, and if in a subsequent shared journey only four are sitting in the taxi, the fare is shared by four. "Maaxi takes the hassle out of the hands of the driver and the passenger, and uses technology for everything to be automatically calculated." One tech writer questioned the business model. "You have to be really keen to save money to want to stop to pick up strangers," commented Chris Hall, editor of "I think the people already using Uber will stick with it because the prices are very affordable, and so far the service is acting smoothly." Let us know your thoughts on this subject by leaving your comments below.

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