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Mechanic Car Insurance

Mechanic Car Insurance

As a mechanic you will be well aware of the risks involved in driving, having worked on vehicle engines in great depth. Possessing such a varied knowledge of road-legal vehicles it can often come as a surprise when you are charged so highly to cover your private car, feeling that you are a lot more weary when out on the road that anyone else. At High Gear we are constantly seeing mechanics that are disappointed with the quotes they have received, coming to High Gear and being pleasantly surprised. At High Gear we look at each case as individual, not tarring people with the same brush; thus providing admirable rates for insurance.

Why is mechanic car insurance traditionally expensive?

The insurance industry paints a picture of people hat work in certain industries, pigeon-holing certain professions and feeling they know the way in which they operate a car. With mechanics often referred to as ‘petrol heads’ the likelihood of a mechanic owning a powerful car of their own is great. With power meaning risk to insurers such professional attributes are sewn through the tapestry of mechanic motor insurance across the board.

Putting our customers in the driving seat

Our team work with our customers, devising insurance plans that reflects their driving style, how often they drive that particular vehicle and the level of cover they want. Where other insurers will dictate what cover a mechanic will need we put our customers in the driving seat, helping them create a policy that is serving and within budget.

Benefits of choosing High Gear

The advantages of choosing High Gear for motor insurance are plentiful with our team passionate about catering to the individuals. Below are just a few reasons why we believe we are great:
  • We offer immediate cover
  • There are many payment plans available
  • Our brokers boast the resources and know-how to find great policies
  • We are specialist in motor mechanic insurance
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