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Convicted Drivers

Convicted Drivers

Convicted Drivers

Convicted Driver Motorcycle Insurance

If you have a conviction against your name then you will understand the hassle involved in setting up an insurance policy, having to relive your mistake and continuously pay for it. Whether you have been convicted for speeding for have be banned from driving and have a DR10 (drink driving offence), you will still feel the wrath of the law when seeking insurance in the future.

Insuring your motorcycle

Most bikers see their vehicle as more than a simple mode of transport with their bike being an extension of their personality. For this reason maintaining and protecting it is essential, putting as many safety blankets in place as possible.

Although guarding your bike against as many occurrences as you can it can often feel impossible when having a budget in place, especially if you have convictions against your name.

How to get cheap convicted bike insurance

Cheap bike insurance is hard to come by, especially if you do not have a squeaky clean licence. Luckily for you we High Gear employ an expert team of insurance brokers, here to find you the perfect policy that suits all of your needs.

Having been involved in the industry for many years means we know what types of issues ring alarm bells in insurers ears. By taking extra safety precautions you could see your premium plummet by a great sum, helping you save money on your bike insurance.

Another way to lower the rate of your policy is to reduce your annual millage. From an insures perspective the less you are the road the less likely at at-fault accident will occur.

Bikes we cover

At High Gear we can offer insurance quotes on a large variety of bikes from vintage Harley Davidsons to R1s. So, what are you waiting for? Contact High Gear today and find out how much we can save you on convicted driver bike insurance.

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