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Nottingham City Council to Crack Down on Taxi Parking

Nottingham City Council to Crack Down on Taxi Parking

Nottingham City Council has this week announced that they will be upgrading their CCTV facilities in an attempt to take action against illegally parks taxis. This is a large issue in the areas surrounding the train station, which makes it difficult for people to access both the train station and the pavement. The authorities claim to have received a number of complaints regarding Hackney taxi drivers stopping on double yellow lines outside of ranks. For this reason they wish to revise their CCTV and ensure taxis are only parking in allocated spots. On the back of this the Nottingham Licensed Taxi and Drivers Association say that this is a huge sector of the their business and the reason for the illegal parking is the lack of space that the city employs. Des Storey, the council's team leader in parking enforcement, said: "This is an ongoing issue with Station Street, we have to have an officer on here all day, every day and that's taking the officer away from their core duties. "We have traffic watch cameras anyway so it makes sense that the camera can also be an enforcement camera should we have any problems with over-ranking." Jamil Ahmed, the chair of the Nottingham Licensed Taxi Owners and Drivers Association, defended the cities taxi drivers, seeing the refurbishment of the station as having a detrimental effect on the room the drivers have. He said: "We don't have adequate space on the taxi rank and 95% of work comes from the station, we don't have any other option. "The simplest answer is that if the taxi ranks were large enough to cater for the work on Station Street then there wouldn't be any issue at all." So, Nottingham drivers, watch out for those new cameras!

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