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Our Writers - High Gear Insurance

Our Writers - High Gear Insurance

Our Writers - High Gear Insurance

Our Writers

Welcome to our staff section. This area displays information about our editors, writers and reporters.

  • Name: Katrina Campbell (Kat)
  • Role: Editor

As the editor of Lady Motor News, Kat is responsible for overseeing and coordinating all of the content which is published on the news site. Kat has a background in motoring insurance having worked as broker before starting her career as a journalist.

Name: Fiona Clarke
Role: Senior Reporter

Fiona is a senior reporter here at Lady Motor News and is second in command. Kat and Fiona work closely together to create the right mix of content on the news site, with Fiona taking the lead in commissioning work from freelance writers and assisting the new reporters at Lady Motor News.

Name: Dawn Bickford
Role: Reporter

Dawn is passionate about cars and regularly competes as an amateur rally driver travelling to competitions up and down the UK. With her finger firmly on the pulse of the motoring world, Dawn is perfectly placed to bring us all the latest news on the new cars and gadgets on the market which will be of benefit to our female readers.

Name: Paul Roberts
Role: Reporter

As the only male writer onboard at Lady Motor News, Paul brings a much needed male perspective to the output of the site. With a background in finance, Paul is able to give advice to our users on all things money related whether it is the best place to find a loan for a new car, or tips on lowering your insurance premiums.

Name: Samantha Lewis (Sam)
Role: Trainee Reporter

Sam is our latest recruit having recently graduated from University. As a trainee reporter, Sam is learning the ropes here at Lady Motor News so as well as writing her own articles, she is also involved in the proof reading of material, and also assisting other reporters with research.

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