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Over three quarters of women believe European ruling on car insurance is unfair

Over three quarters of women believe European ruling on car insurance is unfair

According to a recent report published in the wake of the recent European Court of Justice ruling which found gender bias in the insurance industry to be discriminatory, 1 in 8 women believe the ruling is unfair. Currently, women enjoy cheaper rates than male drivers on car insurance as statistics show that they are less likely to be involved in an accident, and even when female drivers are involved in a crash, their claims are lower. However the European Court of Justice this week ruled that using gender as a means by which to calculate risk by insurance companies was tantamount to discrimination, and so from December 2012, gender will no longer be taken into consideration when calculating car insurance premiums. The upshot of this is that women can expect higher rates of car insurance, while male drivers are likely to see a reduction. However a recent report found that the vast majority, 78%, of those women questioned thought the ruling was unfair. Only 22% of respondents thought the ECJ ruling was just. Not surprisingly, the poll found that male drivers were happy with the ruling, with 74% declaring that they agreed with the decision from the court in Luxemburg that gender bias is discriminatory and that they welcome the change in the rules.

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