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Oxford Council Supports 2% Rate Increase for Taxi Tariffs

Oxford Council Supports 2% Rate Increase for Taxi Tariffs

With the immense increase in costs placed on taxi drivers the trade is in great need of some revision. A drivers’ group from Oxford is seeking rises of two per cent in tariffs in line with inflation from March 25th, seeing an influx of support from their local council. In a report to the council, The City of Oxford Licensed Taxicab Association (COLTA) said drivers are being “pushed to the limits” by tough trading conditions and the ever rising cost of fuel. It adds: “Compare bus fare prices and car parking increases in Oxford and it soon becomes apparent how high the prices are in comparison to taxi fare increases. “The past 17 months has been a tough period in terms of economic prosperity and this has impacted on COLTA members and other individuals who operate through the attainment of a specific licence to perform their duties on the road via Oxford City Council.” Next years budget looks to introduce a rise in parking fines of around nine per cent. There is also plans to recommend not increasing the annual licence fees paid by drivers which will directly support taxi drivers throughout the country. With such alterations being made in the motoring industry, taxi drivers are very lucky to be receiving the support they are from Oxford. COLTA’s plans would see journeys from 6am to 10pm Monday to Saturday increase by an average of 1.95 per cent. Even though this may not sound like a lot every penny counts, with a five-mile journey increasing from £10.60 to £10.90. The rest of the time fares would go up 1.81 per cent and around 2.09 per cent over Christmas and the New Year period. Senior licensing officer Jill Cramer said a 2012 study found the city had the joint 39th most expensive daytime licensed cab fares. This may all change in 2014 if Oxford drivers get their way. Related link: Taxi & private  hire insurance in Oxford

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