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Parents Admit to Lying to Insurers to Bag Cheaper Rates

Parents Admit to Lying to Insurers to Bag Cheaper Rates

Although a pretty selfless act lying to your insurer to get your child a cheaper rate is illegal, a gamble that parents are becoming more willing to take of late. In a new investigation surprising numbers were revealed, with one in ten parents claiming to be ‘fronting’, a term that refers to the practice of bending the truth when being quoted for coverage. According to the conductors of this research around 10,000 parents in the UK alone are fronting, with the average family saving around the £300 mark as a result of this. What happens if you are caught fronting? If you are caught fronting then many insurers will actually refuse to cover you at all in the future and the ones that do will write such possibilities into the policy, thus making it considerably more expensive. As well as financial penalties many can actually lose their licence, especially young drivers. It is the law that any driver that racks up 6 points in their first year of driving will have their licence revoked, a common eventuality here in the UK. An industry reaction With such practices putting both drivers and insurers at risk the industry has had no choice but to change the way in which they practice, thinking of such alarming figures when writing policies for young or new drivers. Steve Kerrigan, head of telematics at The Co-operative Insurance, said:

"Insurers such as ourselves are increasingly pricing car insurance based on the riskiest drivers rather than who is presented as the main driver in an effort to combat the impact of fronting."
Let us know what you think, would you lie to help a younger member of your family save money? Leave your thoughts below.

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