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Pink car gets thumbs down from insurance company

Pink car gets thumbs down from insurance company

27-year-old Tania Sansom had always dreamed of driving a pink car, however she had no idea her perfect pink car would lead her into disagreement with her insurance provider who decided her repainted candyfloss pink car would attract trouble and proceeded to cancel her policy. Ms Sansom relayed her story to a local newspaper in North Tyneside to warn others about the repercussions of altering a vehicle. Although the 27-year-old informed her insurance company, Tesco, of her plans to have her Citroen C3 sprayed pink and thereby altering it from its original colour of blue, after the change had been made, she found her policy had been withdrawn. Although the call centre staff had informed Ms Sansom, after checking with a senior staff member, that it would be acceptable for the colour change to be made and that this would be noted on her policy as a modification, Tesco later told the policyholder that this information was incorrect as they don’t provide insurance for vehicles which have been painted a different colour to the original manufacturers colour. According to the car insurance company, a pink car is more likely to be vandalised and attract attention because of its eye-catching colour, and for this reason, they refused to provide Ms Sansom with a policy. Tesco admitted that a mistake had been made as Ms Sansom had been given the wrong information by call centre staff initially. She was given £50 to compensate for this, and a refund on the car insurance premium paid to date. The 27-year-old motorist was able to find competitively priced cover for her pink car elsewhere, although her story serves as a cautionary tale for any other drivers contemplating a colour change for their car.

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