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Poll Proves Mums Taxi to Drive 27,000 Miles Ferrying Children Around

Poll Proves Mums Taxi to Drive 27,000 Miles Ferrying Children Around

‘I’m not a taxi service’ is a common phase used by the mums and dads of Britain, claiming to not enjoy the activity of ferrying their children around town. However, that said, we all know that mums would rather play taxi driver and know their children are safe than allow their offspring to make their own travel arrangements A new poll says that parents clock up around 30 miles a week transporting their children to school and to socialise, spending nearly four hours in the family car as a result. This poll was commission by Goodyear and says that parents drive 26,741 miles if they have children between the ages of three and twenty, spending around 3,147 hours in the driving seat. Goodyear Driving Academy spokeswoman Kate Rock said: "Playing taxi to your children is often a thankless task and one many parents just see as a means to an end. "However we are on a mission to encourage parents to seize the opportunity that the regular time in the car presents to educate children about road safety from an early age, which has been proven to reduce young driver road accidents." The poll surveyed 2,000 parents with 49.3% of them saying that it is down to safety why they choose to dedicate so much time to chauffeuring their children around. A smaller figure 24.3% of parents said they act as a taxi driver as they believe their children to be too lazy to walk, cycle or catch the bus. But, is this really a bad thing? Just over a fifth (20.7%) said that they play games whilst driving the youngsters, encouraging family time. 15.4% said that they try to educate their child or test their knowledge by asking them questions, keeping their minds active and using travel as a way to gain an insight into their academic ability. If you have any thoughts on this subject please leave your commends with us.

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