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Professional Footballer Car Insurance

Professional Footballer Car Insurance

Professional footballers have become synonymous with flashy behaviour over the past twenty years with famous figures enticing us with their lavish lifestyle. Where most of us would regard them as high risks when on the road many footballers simply want to enjoy the car they have worked hard to afford, looking for insurance that reflects their driving style. Unfortunately many insurers like to tar all footballers with the same brush, believing that all successful sportsmen and women are excessive in every attribute of their live, especially when driving nice cars.

Professional footballer car insurance with High Gear

Rather than treating all football pros as dangerous drivers we at High Gear take each enquiry as individual, crafting ways to bring down premium rates. Whether you are driving a Porsche or a ten-year-old Peugeot we do not believe you should be punished for being a successful footballer, believing the everyone deserves to enjoy a policy that speaks to their financial needs.

What if I have points?

If you are a pro footballer and have points on your licence then many insurers will believe you have lived up to such expectations, again stinging you with high premiums. Although points do reflect an imperfect driving past we at High Gear do not attach them to a certain profession, looking at the bigger picture when devising cover plans.

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