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Professional Racer Car Insurance

Professional Racer Car Insurance

As a professional racer you will know your car’s engine inside out, understanding its capabilities more than anyone. Due to this extensive knowledge many would think such experience would serve well when looking for car insurance, with the industry recognising your capability of handling the vehicle. Where this would be the ideal truth it is far from how racer car insurance works, with many branding racing pros as a danger to the road. Believing car enthusiasts to be unruly when behind the wheel insurers tend to write risk factors such as crashes into polices, seeing the prices of premium increase as a result. According to High Gear boss: ‘Insurers measure risk in many different ways, with someone’s profession speaking volumes about the type of person they are and their relationship with driving. In general the more fast paced your job the larger the premium you will receive. We believe this to be very unfair, partnering with expert providers that can put a stop to such practices’. Doing things differently At High Gear we work in a very separate manner to other providers, searching the market for specialist insurers that understand the racing profession. By doing so we partner racers with agreements that are serving and beneficial to them, their vehicle and their pocket. In order to generate a quotation for car insurance we will need to be furnished with the following details:

  • You name and address
  • Your age
  • The registration of the vehicle you with to insure
  • How long you have has the car
  • The type of policy you are looking for (Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire and Theft, or Fully Comprehensive)
  • Your driving history
And that is it! If you would like to receive a free, no obligation quotation then feel free to call us on 0800 043 7755. Alternatively use our online quote system and get a rate in seconds.

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