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Robber Uses Taxi Service to Assist Bank Theft

Robber Uses Taxi Service to Assist Bank Theft

A four-figure sum has been stolen from a Royal Bank of Scotland branch in Edinburgh, using a taxi driver to wait until he had finished his illegal activities. Police are eager to speak to this taxi driver who reportedly drove the robber to and from the theft, whether he was aware of the nature of the journey has not been discussed publicly. The man used threatening behaviour whilst demanding a handover of cash, intimidating a staff member to give him a large wedge of money. He then stuffed this money into an orange Tesco carrier bag before exiting the bank. Following this episode he returned to the black cab and headed West. The robbery happened at the Royal Bank of Scotland on St John's Road, in the west of the city, at 09:30 in the morning. This was literally daylight robbery and the police urge for anyone who may have any details on this case to get in touch. Det Insp Rory Hamilton, of Police Scotland, said: “It would not be unusual for a taxi to be asked to wait outside a bank. But we now need the driver to get in touch with us.” "We believe the male may have arrived and departed from the scene in the same black cab and we are in the process of speaking to the city's taxi companies as part of our investigation. "Any drivers who believe they may have taken this man to and from the bank is also asked to get in touch." It is with stories like this that we can see the kind nature of the taxi driver, always willing to wait for passengers who are in a rush, even if they are unaware of a bank robbery happening just feet away!

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