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Survey reveals how honest motorists are at owning up to car damage

Survey reveals how honest motorists are at owning up to car damage

A recent survey has been conducted to gauge how honest UK motorists are when it comes to owning up to causing damage to another car. 20% of the 3,000 motorists questioned as part of the poll which was conducted by insurance company Elephant say they wouldn’t own up to causing damage to a parked vehicle. This high percentage could be a reaction to the past experiences of drivers who’ve had the same thing happen to them. 45% of those questioned who have had their car damaged while it parked said the culprit hadn’t admitted to the accident, while just 15% said the driver who caused the damage had left their details. Women came out as the more honest driver in the survey with 61% of female drivers saying they would own up to any visible damage caused by them, compared to 56% of men. Motorists in London and Wales were the least likely to admit car damage, while drivers in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the South East of England emerged as the most honest. The age of the driver was also an important factor in admitting responsibility for damage. 25% of drivers aged 18 or under said they would not own up to causing damage to a friend’s car, while just 6% of drivers aged over 55 wouldn’t admit to the incident. Half of the motorists who were the victims of accident caused by a hit-and-run driver didn’t take any action, while 9% called the police, and 1% took matters into their own hands and damaged the vehicle of the culprit in a revenge attack.

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