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Swan-Eating Taxi Driver Continues With Political YouTube Posts

Swan-Eating Taxi Driver Continues With Political YouTube Posts

cabbie mark mcgowanIf you are a taxi driver then you will have heard of Mark McGowan, a cab driver who has over the years made a real name for himself over the internet. Calling himself the 'Artist Taxi Driver' the persona comes from a conversation outside the Frieze art fair in London. “I went to Frieze, and couldn’t get in, and someone said: ‘Are you a taxi driver?’ I said, ‘no, I’m the artist taxi driver’ and that’s how it was born,” he explains. The Camberwell School of Art graduate has carried out many outlandish stunts, attempting to not only up his YouTube subscribers but to always progress his opinion on the monarchy. In his career as an online celebrity he has pushed a peanut along the floor with his nose, from Goldsmiths to Downing Street in a protest at student debt; eaten a swan and a corgi, and cartwheeled from Brighton to London.

The politics behind it all

Although talking about his upbringing in a modest light the episode that followed were very much politically loaded, with McGowan claiming “to protest at the Queen”. McGowan despises all three main parties, for supporting privatisation and cuts, and for encouraging political disillusionment. “If Labour comes in, they might as well just form a coalition [with the Conservatives],” he says. “All the things that have happened, PFI [private finance initiative for building new hospitals], workfare [employment schemes], privatisation of public services, student fees; the Labour party is as much to blame as the Liberal Democrats, the Tory party – they all work for the same people, for corporations, for banks, looking out for their interests, not people’s interests.” Using his Nissan Primera and his iPhone 5 he is given the materials to show his opinions to the world, famously interviewing George Galloway in the passenger seat of his cab. Take a look at a few of his videos below. Let us know what you think of the Artist Taxi Driver, will you be subscribing?

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