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Taxi App Review – Kabbee

Taxi App Review – Kabbee

Kabbee LogoKabbee is an online application that we at High Gear favour over its competitors, especially Uber. Although the market is bursting with taxi-booking apps Kabbee is unique, exhibiting a wealth of functions that justify its success. Justin Peters, Chief executive of Kabbee tells that the company is not threatened by Uber’s success, offering a separate service to the app. He says Kabbee's platform has 'arrived in the nick of time' for the minicab industry, allowing it to develop and remain relevant in face of competition from 'the fastest-growing company in the history of the world'. Feeling their creation to be an innovatory introduction Phil Makinson, business development manager for Kabbee states: 'The black-taxi model hasn't really changed since hailing a horse and cart on Piccadilly' . Claiming to breath new life into the taxi industry we wanted to explore how Kabbee differs from its competitors. Here are our findings: 

  •  Availability - The app is the only minicab aggregator available for download on all mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone 8. Kabbee is also available on the web both for desktop and mobile.
  • Loyalty programme - Kabbee is the first minicab app to launch an integrated loyalty programme; Kabbee Treats.
  • Fixed prices - One of Kabbee’s points of differentiation from other cab apps is that passengers only ever pay a fixed price upfront  – meaning no extra ‘surprises’ at the end of their journey.
  • Book in advance - Passengers can book up to three months in advance, or immediately.
  • Live plot – Kabbee uses a GPS- based Live Plot technology that reduces waiting time for its customers by up to 14 minutes on average, and halves dead mileage for drivers. The software can pinpoint where drivers are available and show a real waiting time to customers.
  • Kabbee is an aggregator: Kabbee works with over 70 minicab companies, ensuring availability for everyone.
  • Choice: Using the app you can select a time, price, type of car, payment method and much more, giving you immense control over your transport experience.
Have you used Kabbee? If so, let us know what you think!

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